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Rip Blu-ray Disc videos and make 1:1 backup of Blu-ray movie

Maybe you have read many reviews like top 10 Blu-ray rippers, 6 ways ripping Blu-ray to PC and so on, but you’ll find Pavtube ByteCopy the best fit for making 1:1 backup of Blu-ray movies after comparing and testing by yourself.

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Blu-ray ripper/decypter is something "must have" for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center/home theater PC. Users can make full copy of Blu-ray contents and play the region-free Blu-ray movie from PC and HDD media players. Here comes up a question---what is the best format for best quality and watching experience? Beginners take it for granted that a byte-to-byte copy is the best solution.

When a Blu-ray Disc is copied to hard drive in the way it was created, you get two root directories, a “BDMV” directory that contains the PLAYLIST, CLIPINF, STREAM, AUXDATA and BACKUP, and a “CERTIFICATE” directory that contains almost nothing. In “STREAM” folder you can find lossless movie clips saved in *.m2ts file format. What mess up is that these .m2ts files are not in right order and you may get final chapter in the middle. This is very convenient when playing back ripped Blu-ray movie. Copying Blu-ray to BDMV directory does not seems an ideal solution for Blu-ray playback on PC, unless you plan to burn a Blu-ray Disc for watching.

To play lossless Blu-ray clips in right order, some try to ripping Blu-ray Disc into ISO image file. An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. In this way everything’s preserved in an .iso file without quality loss. When playing the decrypted Blu-ray movie from .iso file, you need to mount the Blu-ray ISO in Virtual clone drive and use several appointed players (e.g. PowerDVD) to ensure the file plays correctly.

Is there any way to make 1:1 Blu-ray backup file that is more compatible? The developers of MakeMKV found a way through and then packaging Blu-ray contents in MKV container format without transcoding. The MKV format is capable of holding unlimited number of video, audio and subtitle tracks, along with any metadata. Practically this means that it is possible to put entire movie with multiple sound and subtitle tracks, chapter information and movie thumbnail into single file. For media player software, the MKV format is more acceptable and flexible. Various HDD media players do not support ISO playback, but handle MKV format at ease. What’s more, lossless quality is obtained as the MakeMKV does but only copy Blu-ray contents into MKV container.

crack blu-ray copy-protectionsBut there might be still problems to overcome--- the Blu-ray HD audio format and subtitle format. Most Blu-ray Discs on market have HD audio tracks mixed with 1080p video clips for playback. These HD audio could be encoded with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA codec, which is not possibly supported by earlier media players and AV receivers/decoders. Image- an exciting Blu-ray movie without audio… The same thing happens to Blu-ray subtitle. Blu-ray movie clips are created with subtitle in .pgs format, which can not be read by most HD media players. Is there any Blu-ray copying tool that allows for lossless backup of Blu-ray Disc as well as flexible handling of the audio and subtitle format? Yeah.

Finally we have Pavtube ByteCopy, a tool that integrates Blu-ray decrypting, Blu-ray copying and Blu-ray converting features. For movie enthusiast and audiophiles that purse best quality, Pavtube ByteCopy offers easy, quick and lossless BD/DVD to MKV backup solution as MakeMKV does; for playing Blu-ray movies on earlier players, it offers transcoding facility to optimize Blu-ray contents to fit for these devices.

Pavtube ByteCopy

Lossless Blu-ray to MKV Copy:

- Fast. It handles a DVD (single layer) in 10 mins, Blu-ray Disc (single layer) in around an hour.

- Lossless. Video, audio, subtitle streams are copied from BD without quality loss.

- Easy operation. Only 2 clicks to complete the whole Blu-ray to MKV backup process.

- Flexible. You can keep desired audio tracks, subtitles, and chapters easily.

Customized Blu-ray to MKV backup:

- Optional video quality. You can change video size (1080p, 720p, DVD quality, etc)

- Optional audio quality. You can pass-through original audio, or convert audio to AC3 5.1, DTS 5.1, PCM 5.1, MP3 audio, etc.

- Adjustable subtitle format. Blu-ray PGS subtitle can be turned into DVDSUB format, which is compatible with all DVD players.

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