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How To Convert Blu-ray To H.264 For Watching On The Go

As to Blu-ray lovers, it not so convenient to pull out a Blu-ray disc from the cupboard of massive BD discs and put in the BD player for watching the movie, once you want to watch another one, you have to do the same thing above. Time is money, saving time will be a good beginning. So converting Blu-ray discs to H.264 movie files then store in the cloud, or in your tablets for enjoying from the office to your kitchen anytime could be a good choice.

There are dozens of Blu-ray converters in the market, it is not so easy to find a satisfactoy one. Take it easy, that is a piece of cake to this post which aims to help you settle all the difficulities. There is an easy-to-use and professional Blu-ray to H.264 covnerter which is called Pavtube ByteCopy which can easily convert Blu-ray to H.264/MPEG-4, H.264/MOV video formats.

Versatile Reasons to Choose Pavtube ByteCopy

-->Super powerful ability to bypass copy and region protection on a commercial 2D/3D Blu-ray disc. Recently, Pavtube Rippers have ungraded to v4.9.2, added support for Blu-ray AACS MKB v63.

-->It allows you to import commercial Blu-ray/DVD, 3D Blu-ray movies, DVD IFO File, DVD ISO Image File, BD ISO image file.

-->Rip and convert Blu-ray to H.264 MP4, H.264 MOV,etc formats by removing Blu-ray encryption including CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney x-project DRM, etc.

-->Rip Blu-ray and DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI containers with multiple audio tracks.

-->1:1 backup Blu-ray/DVD disc with intact and original video structure.

-->Keep Blu-ray DTS Digital Surround, DTS-HD Master Audio, Linear PCM, etc.

-->Extract SRT subtitles from both Blu-ray/DVD discs and their ISO image files.

-->Feature-rich editing tool allows you to trim/crop/merge/cut/split Blu-ray movie, add external subtitles to Blu-ray movie, adjust movie color brightness, contrast, saturation, remove audio from the movie or replace audio in the movie.

-->More details here (review).

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Step by Step to Rip Blu-ray to H.264

Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie

Launch the program on your computer, insert your Blu-ray disc into your computer's optical drive, click "File" > "Load from disc" to load commercial Blu-ray disc with region protection to the application.

load blu ray

Step 2. Select output format as H.264

Click on Format bar, navigate to "Common Video" from the format list and in its submenu you can find "H.264 Video (*.mp4)". If you prefer HD to SD video, just back to the format list and move down your mouse to "HD Video", here you can find "H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)" and "H.264 HD Video (*.mov)". Select the format you like and then hit on the small folder icon to specify an output folder.


Step 3. Blu-ray Movies Edition

Click pen icon on the main interface, and enter "Video Editor" window, here are 7 main tabs for you: Trim, Crop, Text Watermark, Image/Video Watermark, Effect, Audio Editor, Subtitle. You can download native/foreign language subtitle from website and insert in your target Blu-ray movies.

add subtitle

Step 4. Start the Bly-ray to H.264 conversion

Click on "Convert" button and the program will rip Blu-ray movies to H.264 video format for you very soon. Once the conversion stops, click Open to locate the generated file. Now you can transfer the file to your Google Drive, your tablets, or other portable devices, and enjoy them on the move to kill the boring time.

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