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Best Way to Rip Blu-ray for Plex Media Server

Digital media makes it easier than ever to build a massive collection of easily portable content, but accessing that content in a useful manner is another problem altogether. When you've built up a large library of files, you need a media center to organize and use them, and Plex media server has been on the job for almost 10 years. With Plex Media Server, you can even easily play Blu-ray movies without any quality data losses. Here, I'd like to share the tips and tricks for copying and streaming Blu-rays to Plex Media Server.

Method 1: Use Plex Media Server and associated Plex client

To play Blu-ray movies on Plex, you have more than one way to go. Here, you can directly use Plex Media Server and another Plex Client playback software:

Step 1. Install and run Plex Media Server on your computer in one click. It can run on Windows, macOS, and even Linux.

Step 2. Sign up your Plex account, click on the “+” icon on left side to open “Add library” window, select “Movies” type, then press “Next”, you can then choose a language if need be, then click “Next” to open another window, press “add folder” to find the folder where your local movies are located, click “Add library” to continue. Once the process is done, the Plex setup process is finished.

Now, to play Blu-ray movie files on Plex Media Server, you will then need to install a third-party Plex client like PS4, Roku and etc. Here, let's take PS4 as an example.

Step 3. Open the web browser on your PS4 and and then go to the address bar at the top to type in www.plex.tv/web.

Step 4. Now sign in with the same user name and password you used when setting up Plex Media Server on your computer.

Step 5. Then all the files that you have loaded to Plex Media Server will show up and you can then enjoy your Blu-ray movie freely.

Method 2: Rip Blu-ray for Plex Media Server

However, not all Blu-ray files can be played on Plex Media Server, such as commercial Blu-ray disc with copy protection. Moreover, by using the first method, you can only play Blu-ray movies on Plex but not back them up. So why not try another easier way to play Blu-ray movies on Plex?

For people who are looking for an advanced tool with fast Blu-ray ripping speed, various ouput formats options and versatile Blu-ray profile customization function, you can't miss Pavtube BDMagic, which can not only help you bypass Blu-ray copying protection, but also convert Blu-ray to almost all regular video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, etc. Best of all, it allows you to copy your Blu-ray to Plex with original structure or main movie only. If you're using a Mac, please turn to Pavtube BDMagic for Mac, which enables you to rip Blu-ray to Plex on Mac (macOS High Sierra included).

By the way, this program can also handle any kinds of DVD discs including the latest DVD movies. (Note: A BD drive is necessary for Blu-ray Ripping)

Steps to go:

Step 1: Load Blu-ray to the program

Insert Blu-ray into disc drive and click "File" > "Load from disc" button to add Blu-ray disc into this app. In addition, you could choose to import Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file.

Step 2: Choose Plex Supported video format

Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down menu, you can choose any video formats you want. Here "HD Video" > "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" or "MKV HD Video(*.mkv)" are recommended.

Choose plex and TV compatible file format

Tip 1: For streaming Blu-ray from Plex to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or TV, just output all those device preset profile formats.

Output TV preset profile format

Tip 2: With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original Blu-ray while also saving space. Just simply click "Settings" bar and you can tweak the settings to your satisfaction and even save it as preset.

Step 3: Start Blu-ray to Plex conversion

Go back to the main interface, click right-bottom "Convert" button to start Blu-ray to Plex conversion process immediately. 

When the conversion is done, click "Open Output Folder" button to pop out the folder with converted files, then add converted files to plex for streaming and watching on PC, TV, smartphones, tablets, etc. Sounds amazing, right? If this is what you are looking for, just stop hesitating. Have a try of this powerful Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper and it surely won’t let you down!

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