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Best way to Rip DVDs for Plex?

Why do plenty of people like to rip DVD for Plex? Ripping DVD for Plex saving in Plex most compatible formats enables you to view DVD movies via RaspBerry Pi based home media center on HD TV without bothering the DVD Player. You can also play DVD via Plex on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc freely through NAS or your PC drive. Broadly speaking, it gives you more access to your DVD videos when you're ripping DVD to Plex Media Server,

Has given a Web search, there are many this kind of needs: “I’m in the process of copying my DVD-library to Plex Media Server so that I can put all the DVDs in a box somewhere and forget about them. They will be watched mainly on a HTPC connected our TV, on our laptops and on our smartphones (with the help of Plex’s online transcoding). Any recommendation?” Some people have DVD ripping experience, while there are still many people who don't know how to extract DVD main title for Plex from the discs. Here, this article will instruct you to copy DVD to Plex supported format video step by step.

How to Rip DVD to Plex for RaspBerry Pi/ATV/FTV/TV/PC/Mac/Portable Multimedia Devices?

A DVD Ripper is needed to remove DVD copy protection and switch DVD format to MP4, MKV and more for Plex using. Pavtube ByteCopy is just what you want. It lets users  re-multiplex DVDs to MKV for Plex playback, including all subtitles and audio tracks, without transcoding the audio and video streams, while also letting you transcode the audio streams in a few cases where you might actually want to (from LPCM to AAC for better compatibility with different players). It can remux DVD to Plex in MP4, AVI, WMV, TS, etc format keeping same quality movie without extra features.

Pavtube ByteCopy also can re-encode DVD to Plex supported format with changing the output video and audio encoder, bitrate, sample rate, frame rate, channel. What's more, you also can convert DVD to 3D for Plex using. Besides DVD, Pavtube ByteCopy also can rip Blu-ray to Plex preserving Blu-ray TrueHD/DTS-MA audio and original picture and audio quality. You also can add subtitles to DVD and Blu-ray movies or replace the audio track before output Blu-ray and DVD videos for plex/ Below is a brief guide to introduce the method to convert DVD library to Plex Media Player for TV/Laptop/Smartphone.

Steps to Copy DVD to Plex for Home Theater Using

Step 1: Install DVD Plex Media converter

Free download the best DVD to Plex Media converter to assist with copying DVD library to Plex Media Server and watching movies on TV, laptop or smartphone. In addition, this app works well for users to backup Blu-rays and standard DVDs to multi-track MKV with lossless quality.

download windownload mac

Step 2: Load DVD movie to DVD Ripper for Plex Media Server

Easily load DVD (Blu-ray) movie from computer disc drive to this app by clicking the “Load Disc” icon. You can preview the DVD video in the right preview window. You can select your desired subtitle and audio tracks when your DVD has multiple tracks. If want, you also can rip DVD with forced subtitles.

load DVD

Step 3: Choose optimized output format

From the “Format” drop-down list, choose the best output format for Plex Media Server. To watch DVD movies on TV, laptop or smartphone via Plex Media Server, you’s better find “Multi-track Video” category and choose “Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV(*.mkv)” as output format.

lossless MKV

In order to remove unwanted audio or subtitle track, move to “Settings” option, switch to “Audio” or “Subtitle” tab and uncheck the streams from source DVD.

remove audio subtitle bytecopy

Step 4: Convert DVD to Plex Media Server

Hit the “Convert” icon and DVD to Multi-track MKV conversion starts. Once it is done, open output folder, get copied Multi-track MKV movie, and transfer to Plex Media Server.

Play DVD with Plex

After ripped DVD to Plex supported format, you can store DVD to NAS supported Plex. Below are some Plex comaptible NAS:

Asustor AS-3202T x86 Celeron N3150 1.6GHz
Asustor AS-3204T x86 Celeron N3150 1.6GHz
ReadyNAS 202 ARMv7 ARMv7 1.4Ghz Dual Core
ReadyNAS 204 ARMv7 ARMv7 1.4Ghz Dual Core
ReadyNAS 212 ARMv7 ARMv7 1.4Ghz Quad Core
ReadyNAS 214 ARMv7 ARMv7 1.4Ghz Quad Core
Synology DS415+ x86_64 ATOM C2538 2.4GHz
Synology DS1815+ x86_64 ATOM C2538 2.4GHz
Synology DS1515+ x86_64 ATOM C2538 2.4GHz
QNAP TS-853A x86 Celeron N3150 1.6GHz
QNAP TS-853U x86 Celeron 2.0GHz QC
QNAP TS-1253U x86 Celeron 2.0GHz QC
QNAP SS-453 Pro x86 Celeron 2.0GHz QC
Western Digital My Cloud DL4100 x86 Atom C2350 1.7Ghz DC
Western Digital My Cloud Pro PR2100 x86 Pentium N3710

More Plex Compatibility NAS List is here.

Then you can play DVD videos with Plex on PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Apple TV 4, RaspBerry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, etc.

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