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Rip DVD to QNAP NAS for DLNA Streaming

NAS is an important ingredient in Home Theater system. As one of the best NAS manufacturer, QNAP NAS is famous for NAS server. The UPnP media server supports various formats like, .asf, .flv, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .wav. You can stream media library via QNAP NAS with DLNA-enabled devices. To save the time looking for DVD disk from the cardboard, desk or the tons of collections, you are suggested to make a backup of DVD collection to store on a QNAP NAS for DLNA streaming.

Many people tend to store their DVD collection to QNAP NAS for convenient streaming like the need in a video forum:

“Dear forum colleagues, I'm about to put my own DVD's on the QNAP. The idea is to stream (within a couple of days I connect a Mede8er 400 to the QNAP) those DVD's (movies) to my television. Maybe a silly question but how do I have to copy the DVD's to the QNAP?”

After put DVD to QNAP NAS, you can stream DVD movies on TV with Plex, Roku and other media server and devices conveniently. Thus, you can protect your DVD discs from scratching and destroying. Especially, if you rent many DVD discs online but have no enough time to enjoy them, you can copy these online DVD rentals to your QNAP NAS for viewing later. Learn also >> Blu-ray Playback, Ripping and Home Theater Management

To copy DVD to QNAP NAS for DLNA Streaming, you need the help of a DVD Ripper cause commercial DVDs have copy protection to prevent from copying. A DVD Ripper can remove the copy protection and shift format to your DLNA-certificated devices accept one.

Best DVD Ripper to Rip DVD to QNAP NAS for DLNA Streaming

Pavtube DVDAid is strongly recommended to convert DVD to QNAP NAS. This DVD Ripper is highly praised in many online reviews. It is easy to use for any one to rip and copy DVD to QNAP NAS for DLNA streaming with only three clicks.

Main Features of Pavvtube DVDAid

- Remove DVD encryption including CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney x-project DRM, etc.

- 1:1 backup DVD with original video structure to QNAP NAS.

- Directly copy DVD main title to VOB for storing on QNAP NAS.

- Convert DVD to MP4, MKV, MWV, MOV for DLNA streaming via QNAP NAS.

- Copy DVD to QNAP NAS, Synology NAS, WD My Cloud NAS, Seagate Wireless Plus, FreeMini NAS, etc.

Based on Windows, you can get 6x times DVD ripping speed by H.264 codec with  NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies. It supports batch conversion so you can add multiple DVDs to rip to QNAP NAS and then open "Shut down computer after conversion" to turn off your computer automatically even though you are not in front of the machine. For Mac users, please use the equivalent Pavtube DVDAid for Mac which supports to copy DVD on macOS Sierra for QNAP NAS and DLNA streaming.

Steps to Copy DVD to QNAP NAS for DLNA Streaming

 Step 1. Load source DVD file

Load DVD movie into DVDAid by clicking on the "Load Disc" button. Don’t forget to select preferred subtitle and audio track on the main UI.

Step 2. Choose output format

Choose the optimized output format from the drop-down list of "Format". Considering to the general video type for DLNA devices, H.264 MP4 would be a great choice for playback on mobile devices.

Tip: Optionally you are allowed to set video size, bitrate, frame rate, and more in the "Profile Settings" to achieve the best movie experience on your tablet.

Step 3. Start DVD movie to QNAP NAS backup

Hit on the "Convert" icon and start ripping. Once it completes, you can open output folder to locate the generated MP4 files.

After transferred DVD copy to QNAP NAS, you can play DVD movies with Plex on TV with DLNA via QNAP NAS. If you don't know how to set up Plex with QNAP NAS, you can refer to this guide: Master Your Plex Media Server with a QNAP NAS

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