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Stream DVD movie to DLNA compliant HDTV

Streaming DVD movie to HDTV is not as easy as streaming MPG videos clips. In the first place, DVD movies are copy-protected, and you have to rip movies off. Besides, although DVD movies are MPEG-2 encoded videos, they are enveloped in .vob format, which is not a native streaming media format. So you have to .vob to .mpg, .avi or other streaming media format. More or less, you suffer some quality loss when decoding DVD videos. Is there any way to convert DVD to streaming media format without quality loss? The following guide shows you how to convert DVD to .mpg video while keeping original video, audio and subtitles so as to stream DVD movies to DLNA compliant HDTV from a networked PC or DLNA media server.

How to convert a DVD to TS for streaming to HDTV?

Method 1 . Convert DVD to MKV without quality loss

Required software- Pavtube ByteCopy (Click here to download a trial)

Load Blu-ray/DVD

1. Load DVD to Pavtube ByteCopy.

2. Set output folder by "Browse" button.

3. Select “Lossless MKV” format in "Multi-track Video" catelog from the drop-down list of “Format”

4. Convert DVD to lossless MKV with original video, audio and subtitles.

The above process helps you bypass the DVD copy-protections, extract video, audio, subtitles streams and chapter info from DVD, and package them to MKV container. If you don’t want some subtitles or audio tracks, e.g. French language, simply uncheck them from subtitles or audio languages.

Method 2. Remux MKV to MPG with multiple subtitles

Required software- Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (Click here to download a trial of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate)

load video

1. Load MKV to Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

2. Click “Format” to set output format

3. Follow “Remux” and select “MPEG-PS (*.mpg)” format

MPEG PS MPG format

4. Start remuxing MKV to MPG video with original video, audio and subtitles.

This process helps you remux MKV to MPG video. Remuxing is the process of demuxing a container format and muxing it back together in a different container without changing anything. Remuxing is not losing any quality as it only repackaging the audio and video streams. And it takes less time than encoding as well.

Streaming DVD video to DLNA compliant HDTV

Why DLNA? Cause DLNA make it easy to stream photos, music and videos between TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, games consoles, digital media players, photo frames, cameras, NAS devices, PCs, mobile handsets, and more. (Learn more about DLNA in Wiki).

If you’re streaming DVD video from PC to HDTV, Windows Media Player is good enough for video streaming over home media network (learn how to set up WMP for streaming). If you’re sharing videos from NAS device, Twonky is recommended as best DLNA media server software. Make sure your HDTV and PC/NAS are connected to the home network and your HDTV is DLNA compliant before streaming DVD to HDTV.

Note: Pavtube ByteCopy is also a Blu-ray Ripper that can decrypt Blu-ray BD+, AACS up to MKB V61 to convert AVC and VC-1 Blu-ray to HD TV compatible format for streaming.

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