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How to convert DVD to MKV with lossless quality?

Why you need to rip DVD to lossless MKV when you wnat to copy your DVD collections? Lossless MKV is an uncompressed video format that can keep your original video and audio quality. Thus, you can enjoy DVD movies with WD TV and VLC while you can copy DVD to protect physical discs from scratching. So how to lossless copy DVD to MKV?

To rip DVD to lossless MKV, you need a lossless DVD Ripper. Pavtube ByteCopy is the ideal lossless DVD ripping tool, which is professional at converting commercial DVD to MKV with lossless quality. The DVD Ripper lossless program allows full preservation of all audio and subtitle streams, as well as chapter structures, so you may select your desired languages of audio tracks/subtitles, and chapters at will when playing the DVD contents back on PC and media players. Besides lossless MKV, Pavtube ByteCopy also can copy DVD with multiple subtitle and audio tracks in MP4/MOV/AVI format. The following brief guide details how to convert DVD to lossless MKV by using Pavtube ByteCopy, if you are looking for such a solution, just feel free to check it.

Step-by-step guide: How to convert DVD to MKV with lossless quality?

Step 1: Free download Pavtube ByteCopy, install and run it. Once run the lossless DVD ripping tool, click “Load Disc” button to import DVD movie files. There are three ways available to import DVD movies, including “Load from Disc”, “Load DVD ISO/IFO”, and “Load BD/DVD Folder”.

Step 2: Choose MKV format as output, here “Format > Multi-track Video > Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)” is recomended for you. And the audio tracks, subtitles streams, and chapters preserved in the MKV container are available to select at will during playback.

lossless MKV

Tip: There is a “Settings” option, which allows you to make adjustments on your audio, video, subtitles. It’s worth mentioning that, by default, all audio & subtitles tracks in a source file are checked to be saved in the MKV container, if there are some tracks you don’t like, you can click Settings button and go to Multi-task Settings window to uncheck and remove them under Audio tab and Subtitle tab.

Note: To do DVD to MKV conversion without re-encoding, don’t change audio parameters under “Encode” option, otherwise you will get a encoded multi-track MKV file, not lossless multi-track MKV and recoding DVD to MKV will take a little more time for conversion than lossless output.

Step 3. Click on “Convert” to start ripping DVD to MKV in lossless quality

The conversion only take a few minutes, after it’s done. Click “Open” button, you will get the converted movie file.

More features of Pavtube ByteCopy and Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac

- Create MKV files from recently released Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

- Preserve multiple subs and audio tracks/Remove unwanted subs/tracks.

- Allow full preservation of HD audios, like DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD Audio.

- Output DTS 6 channels, AC3 6 channels, AAC 6 channels, PCM 6 channels, MP3 6 channels…

- Preserve soundtracks and subs in multiple languages, e.g. English, Spanish, French, Deutsch…

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