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Directly Rip and Convert DVD Disks With MakeMKV

Have you started to invest in new Blu-ray movies like Game of Throne (1-6), The Martina,etc and began to worried about your older DVDs? Just put them on the cupboard? Too many discs piling up like a mountain may makes your wife crazy. How about storing them in the attic? You can copy some of your favorite DVDs with MakeMKV in case you want to review them some day.

Many people love to convert Blu-rays and DVDs with MakeMKV cause it is free and powerful enough. So here we show you the step-by-step guide on DVD to MKV with MakeMKV conversion to those newbei in this field.

Step-by-Step Guide: Backup DVD with MakeMKV

Step 1: Download MakeMKV v1.9.10 beta

Download link: http://www.makemkv.com/download/

MakeMKV System Requirements

Requires Windows XP or later, x86 or x64.

NOTE: MakeMKV is not signed by Apple, you might need to adjust gatekeeper options in order to install the program.

Step 2: Place your DVD into the tray and open up MakeMKV. As soon as MakeMKV starts, it will automatically look for a disk and have it ready for you. Simply select the optical drive where the DVD is located and hit the green arrow. MakeMKVwill start removing the protection on DVD disk enabling you to rip it.

Copy DVD with MakeMKV

Step 3: When the process is done, select the location for your movie in the Output Folder menu box, click Make MKV, and wait. Expect an average DVD disc to take at least 30 minutes to rip to your hard drive.

That’s pretty much it. As I said, MakeMKV is very easy to use to rip and convert DVDs. The only pity is that the output MKV files can't be played on any device cause MKV is a video container keeping multiple subtitle and audio tracks. Sometimes, your default media player like WMP can't play MKV file on Windows. In this case, you need to install third-party MKV video player such as VLC.

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MakeMKV Alternatives Helps U Rip DVD as MakeMKV but Output MP4 as Handbrake

When people find they can't play MKV files on WMP, WMC, WD TV, etc, some of them will use Handbrake convert MKV to MP4 for using. This way is a little be complex. Actually, there are some MakeMKV alternatives which can bypass DVD copy protection and convert DVD to not only lossless MKV but also normal MP4 format. The best MakeMKV alternative is Pavtube ByteCopy (Mac) that can rip Blu-ray and DVD as MakeMKV.

- Rip Blu-ray/DVD encoded AC-1 and AVC/H.264.

- Decrypt Blu-ray/DVD encrypted with AACS, UOP, BD+ up to MKB61 while MakeMKV only supports up to v60.

- Convert Blu-ray/DVD to lossless MKV.

- Decrypt Blu-ray/DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI with multiple subtitle streaming and audio tracks

- Create 3D SBS MP4/MKV video from 3D Blu-ray, 2D Blu-ray, DVD for Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.

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