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How to transfer videos/movies from PC/computer to Samsung Galaxy S3?

You need to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your computer if you wanna transfer videos/movies or music from your PC to Samsung Galaxy S III. The following steps show you how to get started.


Step 1: If you are running a Windows PC, you should download and install the USB drivers for the Galaxy S3. If you are running a Mac, you do not need to install anything.


Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 device to an available USB port using the included USB cable.


Step 3: A prompt will appear on the screen of the Galaxy S III phone. Drag the notification area down, and make a selection based on what you wish to do with your device.

- Connect as a media device
You can connect your device to a computer and access media files stored on your device.
1. Connect your device to a computer with a USB cable.
2. Tap the indicator icons area and drag it downwards to open the notifications panel.
3. Select Connected as a media device > Media device (MTP) – Use this selection if you wish to use Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder to manually transfer files between the PC and the Galaxy S3 phone or to utilize Windows Media Player.
4. Transfer files between your Galaxy S3 and the computer.
Warnings: Before disconnecting the device from the computer, safely remove the mass storage device. Otherwise, you may lose data saved in your device or damage your device.


You may also use the Samsung Kies software to manage files on the Galaxy S3. You can download and install the Kies software from the Samsung website. Once the Kies software is installed, it will automatically start whenever you connect the Galaxy S III phone to your computer and the Samsung Kies software is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Lean to use Kies to transfer video files from PC to Samsung devices.


To play a video on your Samsung Galaxy S3, follow the steps below:
1. In the application list, select Video Player.
2. Select a video.
3. Control playback with control keys


- Some file formats are not supported depending on the device’s software.
- If a file size exceeds the memory available, an error may occur when you try to open the file.
- Playback quality may vary by content type.
- Some files may not play properly depending on how they are encoded.
You may need a Samsung Galaxy S3 Video Converter if you want to make unsupported video files playable on your device. To copy DVD from PC to Galaxy S3, a DVD Ripper program is required.

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