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How to burn Final Cut Pro projects to DVD on Mac?

 Either video hobbyist or the film makers love to make some personal videos in Final Cut Pro.  The Final Cut Pro helps you to edit and manage the videos in a very easy and simple way. It is proprietary software used for video editing and organization on a Mac. However, even though you have shot your materials on high definition and edited them in HD within Final Cut Pro, you probably also need to down convert them to standard definition if you want to show your movie with a standard DVD. In this article, we show you two ways to burn Final Cut Pro projects to DVD on Mac including El Capitan.

Solution 1: Outputting a FCP project to standard definition DVD in FCP 7.

It is very easy in FCP 7. 

Step 1 - click on File > Share  

This opens up the Share window. Here you will find a drop down window for a number of devices.

Step 2 – Select DVD 

Click on DVD

Step 3 - Create DVD 

Click on Create DVD. This opens a slide out panel where you enter your output device (where you will burn your disc). Here you also can do some elementary DVD authoring. FCP7 even includes some templates for menus.

Step 4 - Click Export 

That’s all there is to it. Your movie will now burn as a DVD disc.

Note: Remember that this exporting is a background process, so you can continue working.

Solution 2: Making DVDs from FCP projects by using Free DVD Creator for Mac

Download Free FCP to DVD Burner 

Download Now 

Before starting up Pavtube Free DVD Creator for Mac, you should export Final Cut Pro projects to MOV files in advance. When finished editing in Final Cut Pro, click File > Export > QuickTime Movie…to export your FCP project to MOV files on your Mac. If you have already saved it to .fcp file, open it with FCP and re-save the videos as QuickTime MOV files. 

 FCP project to DVD burning process in Pavtube Free DVD Creator for Mac

Step 1 - Import QuickTime movie to the Free DVD Creator for Mac

Start up Free Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac, click “Import” tab to browse your hard drive and load the FCP exported MOV files into the program. Or you can just drag & drop the MOV files into it for burning.

To create another Title, click the "Add Title" button and add more source videos. Please notice the size indicator at the bottom, if exceed the red line, you are suggested change to DVD9 or remove some videos.


Step 2 - Author DVD menu 

Free Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac enables you to custom a DVD menu to fully access your Final Cut Pro video on DVD disc. There are three built-in DVD menu templates under “Menu” tab for you to choose from. If you don’t want a menu, you can choose no menu. After selecting a menu template, you can change menu buttons, thumbnails, add text, background music and background images to author a personalized DVD menu.

Step 3 - Preview and burn MOV files to DVD on Mac 

Switch to “Preview” tab to have a look at the final playback effect of your DVD. If anything needs to be changed, go back to the former steps to do modification. Once you are satisfied, go to “Burn” tab to set settings like video standard (PAL or NTSC), audio channels (5.1 channels, Mono, Stereo), output settings, disc label, and DVD drive (please insert a blank DVD disc into your selected DVD writer). Press “Burn” button and the Free Mac DVD authoring program will start creating DVD from FCP MOV source files automatically.

Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac also comes with a Retail version, which can do more than the free version and the DVD burner in Final Cut Pro. The bonus features of DVD Creator for Mac Full Version: 
- One-click to quick Burn DVD ISO file and DVD folder structure to a blank DVD 
- Directly creating playable DVDs from AVCHD MTS/M2TS and MXF footage
- Offering more menu templates for users to choose from 
Burning slide show DVDs from still image files

What people are saying about Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac 

"I like the option from file to “Quick burn” which ultimately allows me to burn the files to a dvd without having to re-author them. This is a feature most all dvd authoring software lacks."

"A great program. Able to burn DVD’s of shows in my TiVo folder (Modern Family, Mike and Molly and so on). Only software I’ve found that will do that other than the Tivo Desktop Pro which costs money which I never wanted to pay, so I didn’t. Shows on the DVD are extremely high quality."

Tips: Export Video Edited by Final Cut Pro

You can follow below guides on how to edit and export the video step by step by adopting Final Cut Pro:

Step 1. Go to Mac App Store and find Final Cut Pro. Click Download button to start downloading the software. After that, you will get prompts for installation. Just follow up the instruction to finish installing Final Cut Pro on your Mac.

Step 2. After that, launch Final Cut Pro. Open your local folder to find the videos, then drag the videos you want to the program. You can also drag the videos and arrange them in order that you want them organized in your movie.

Step 3. Final Cut Pro provides multiple setting options for you to adjust the videos. Just click to adjust the videos in your favor and build your unique movie.

FCP X/6/7 Tips and Tricks

Rip Blu-ray to ProRes 422 for FCP - If you want to import Blu-ray and edit in Final Cut Pro X/6/7, this is the eaiest way.

Rip DVD to edit in FCP, FCP X, FCE- FCP doesn't support to edit DVD unless you convert DVD to FCP readable formats.

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Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac - enables you to easily rip and convert Blu-ray and DVD to Final Cut Pro friendly Prores LT mov video format and import your Blu-ray movie for editing on it in one fell swoop. It can convert Blu-ray and DVD to multi-track Apple ProRes fir FCP X/6/7.

Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac - capable of converting Tivo, MKV, MTS, MPG, MXF, XAVC, AVCHD, MP4 to Final Cup Pro X supported format - Apple ProRes. It also can compress 4K video to FCP.

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