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How to Rip and Upload DVD to Dropbox

With over 500 million users around the world, Dropbox is one of the most popular online data backup services in the industry. This service provides data-backup protection, file-sharing capabilities and device syncing. While all the stored date and files will be totally safe, you can access the files on your phone or tablet on the road and all the media files you upload to Dropbox will be synced automatically to all your devices. If you are looking for a way to backup and store your DVD collections to extend your viewing options to your smart phone, tablet, Roku box, game console, and more, you're definitely in the right place and Dropbox will be a perfect choice to store DVD movies. In this post, we are eager to show you how to upload DVD Dropbox easily and quickly.

In fact, Dropbox has no specific requirements on the file formats you upload to it. However, the media file types that can be viewed on Dropbox are limited. If you wish to store and preview the files on Dropbox via the Dropbox desktop app, you need to make sure the upload file types are in the following list:

Media File types that can be viewed on Dropbox

Video File types:

.3gp. .3gpp, .3gpp2, .asf, .avi, .dv, .flv, .m2t, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .mts, .oggtheora, .ogv, .rm, .ts, .vob, .webm, .wmv

Audio File types:

.aac, .m4a, .mp3, .oga, .wav

To our great disappointment, both homemade and commercial DVD movies are not supported by Dropbox, and the commercial DVDs even contain various copy protection and region codes that prevent us extracting and copying movie contents from the solid discs. But this problem can be easily and quickly solved. Just download a professional DVD ripper tool--- Pavtube ByteCopy ( Review ) to bypass all copy restrictions and convert DVD to MP4, MKV, MOV and other popular formats that Dropbox supports with just few clicks.

As we all know, Dropbox site also has file size limitation. If your video file is up to 18 GB, the file may not be viewable on Dropbox app. Plus, if you only have the free account, you only have 2 GB of space ( 50GB will cost $9.99/month or $99.00/year while 100GB will cost $19.99/month or $199.00/year). And Dropbox will stop syncing when the total file size is over your storage quota.

For the video size limit of Dropbox site, Pavtube ByteCopy also allows you to compress the DVD movie files in the following ways: 

1. Output a file format with small file size such as FLV, WMV, AVI

2. Lower the bit rate 20-50% of the default to get small files 

3. Lower the frame rate of the video to 15 or 10 fps can reduce the file size by as much as 1/2 or 2/3

4. Lower the output video resolution 

5. Select to rip only certain chapters of your DVD movies

6. Use the trim function provided in the program to leave only the parts you want

Now, just download and install this software to start rip and upload DVD to Dropbox. If you are Mac user, please turn to Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac ( Review ), which has the same function as the Windows version.

Simple Guide on ripping and uploading DVD to Dropbox

Step 1. Load DVD movies 

Insert the DVD disc into your computer's DVD drive and run this DVD Ripper. You can click the "Load DVD" icon or "File">"Load from disc" to load the DVD disc to the program. Some DVD movies have multiple subtitle and audio tracks, you can choose your desired one in "Subtitle" and "Audio". Ripping DVD with forced subtitles is also allowed.

DVD Folder, DVD IFO File, DVD ISO Image File are supported also. If you have some Blu-ray movies need to upload to Dropbox, this software will also give you help.

load dvd

Step 2: Choose output format for Dropbox

Click “Format” to find “HD Video” catalogue, select “MPEG-4 HD Video (*.mp4)” or “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” as the best video formats for Dropbox. You can also put your DVD library in other cloud storage service.

For saving space, you can output "Common Video" > "WMV 2 (WMV8)(*.wmv)" or " H.264 Main Profile Video (*.mp4)"  file format.


Step 3: Compress output file size

Click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, you can change video resolution to a suitable file size. 640 x 480 is more preferable by many portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, lower the bit rate 20-50% of the default to get small files or lower the frame rate to 15 or 10 fps.

profile settings

Here we should highlight the trim function on this software. Just click “Edit” button on the tool bar to trim the videos to get the very part you want: Drag the slider bars to set the starting time and ending time. Besides trimming, cropping, adding watermark, adjusting special effect, etc. are well supported.


Step 4: Begin the conversion process

After all setting is completed, hit right-bottom "Convert" button to begin the DVD to Dropbox viewable file formats conversion and compression process.

When the conversion is completed, you can have no problem to upload and store DVD on Dropbox for viewing with Dropbox desktop app on computer or dropbox app on iPhone or iPad or other smartphone or tablets.

How to Upload ripped DVD movies to Dropbox?

I. Downloading Dropbox to your computer

A. Go to www.dropbox.com

1. Click the blue ‘Download Dropbox’ button

2. Run the Dropbox installer by clicking on the .exe file that just downloaded in the lower left corner of your browser

3. Click Yes to accept the User Account Control settings dialog

4. Follow the instructions to get Dropbox set up on your computer

B. Now you'll have a small icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen—that’s your “dropbox.” You can also go to dropbox.com and login to your dropbox even when you’re not on your own pc.

C. Great video tutorial: once logged in, under the “Get Started” tab, click “Take the Dropbox Tour”

D. Quick start Guide: once logged in, under the files tab, click on “Getting Started.pdf”

II. Uploading Video files to Dropbox

Save videos to dropbox (3 options)

a. Clicking on Save as> My Documents> My Dropbox

b. Drag to drop box icon. A blue icon will appear, this means that your file is syncing with dropbox. When the icon turns into a green checkmark syncing is complete.

c. Login to dropbox online, navigate to the Files tab, click “upload”, choose a file to upload.

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