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Rip DVD to Xvid with VirtualDubMod Alternative

VirtualDubMod is a unification of several popular modifications of the famous video editing software VirtualDub. Unification of three projects, VirtualDubMPeg2, VirtualDubOGM, VirtualDubAVS and more. In 2004, it was a popular freeware to convert DVD to XviD. XviD is a freeware version of the MPEG-4 codec. It allows for excellent quality encodes at very low bitrates. You can typically place a full length movie onto one or sometimes two CD-R's, using full DVD resolutions. 

DVD to XviD convertion with VirtualDubMod needs many of the automated scripting tools out there and the steps are a little complex. All of the tools and the very detailed DVD to XviD conversion tutorial are listed below.

Tools Required:
Any 1 of these: DVD DecrypterDVDFab DecrypterAnyDVDImgBurn
DGIndex (v 1.4.6 or higher, which you can get from here or the www.doom9.org website. It's a new version of the classic dvd2avi)
AVISynth (version 2.5x or higher)
MPEG2DEC3 Plugin for AVISynth (MPEG2DEC3.DLL)
VirtualDub (version 1.5.10 or higher)
XviD Video Codec (find it in the TOOLS section)
NANDub (optional if you have VirtualDubMod which incorporates NANDub features).

Guide Link:

Convert DVD to Xvid with VirtualDubMod Alternative

Even you didn't read the guide of DVD to XviD conversion using VirtualDub you can know how complex the steps will be cause this process needs so many tools. If you have no video conversion experience before, it will be a headache for you to convert DVD to XviD with VirtualDub. Fortunately, there is a VirtualDubMod alternative that can help you re-encode DVD toXviD easily. Its intuitive GUI can make you know the next step easily and you can complete DVD to AVI conversion with simple 3 clicks.

This VirtualDubMod alternative is Pavtube ByteCopy, one of the top DVD ripping tools in the market. It can directly remove DVD encryption including CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney x-project DRM, etc to rip and convert DVD to XviD instead of needing a DVDFab or a DVD Decrypter to decrypt DVD like VirtualDubMod. Besides DVD to XviD conversion, it also can finish the below conversion:

- DVD to DivX conversion

- DVD to 3GP conversion

- DVD to lossless MKV conversion

- DVD to H.264 conversion

- DVD to MP3 conversion

- DVD to MP4 conversion

- DVD to multiple subtitle/audio tracks video conversion

What's more, Pavtube ByteCopy is also an excellent Blu-ray Ripper. It also can decrypt Blu-ray to XviD, DivX, lossless MKV, multi-track MP4/MOV/AVI, 3GP, M2TS, etc. It allows users to crop, trim, split, merge Blu-ray and DVD movies. If your Blu-ray/DVD movies have multiple subtitle and audio tracks, it enables you to keep one streaming and hardcode the subtitle to output video. Then your multimedia devices like PS4, WD TV don't need to read video file and subtitle file simultenously to avoid the situation that video playback without subtitle on PS4, Plex, WD TV, etc.

You also can add external srt/ass/ssa subtitle to your Blu-ray/DVD movies in case there is no the subtitle track in your disc movies. Ripping Blu-ray/DVD with forced subtitle is also supported by Pavtube ByteCopy.

Start to Convert DVD to Xvid with VirtualDubMod Alternative

Step 1: Free download Pavtube ByteCopy, install and run it. Once run the lossless DVD ripping tool, click “Load Disc” button to import DVD movie files. There are three ways available to import DVD movies, including “Load from Disc”, “Load DVD ISO/IFO”, and “Load BD/DVD Folder”.

Step 2. Next, click the Format bar. You can then choose XviD AVI from the drop-down list as the output file format. Here, you can choose “DivX AVI – Audio Video Interleaved(DivX)(*.avi)” from the “Common Video” list. 


Tip 1: you can click “Edit” button to perform edit functions such as crop, trim, flip, add effect, add watermark and replace audio.

Tip 2: you could capture favorable pictures are by clicking snapshot button under the preview window.

Step 3: Convert. Just click the Convert buttonto begin the DVD to Xvid conversion. And the conversion progress is super fast and the output is high-quality. When DVD to XviD conversion ends, just open output folder to locate the XviD AVI files.

How to Play XviD Files?

In this part, we will take a look at the options for playing files that have been tagged as "XviD", or that you have determined contain XviD-encoded video. It covers playing the file in many different players with different setups on your computer. XviD is a very popular codec and as such, there are many thousands of files available that contain ">XviD video. 

Easiest Method - VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is by far the easiest solution to playing files with XviD content. It supports many multimedia container formats including AVI, MKV and OGM, and can decode XviD without you needing to install any additional software. Also, it will play AC3, MP3 or OGG Vorbis audio, meaning your audio should definitely work too. 

Recommended Method - DirectShow with ffdshow

If you want to play XviD content with a DirectShow-based player such as Windows Media Player (shown above), then you need to install a codec or filter for XviD video. This gives you two different options to choose from.

* XviD Codec: The word codec is an abbreviation for Coder / Decoder - so you can use it to create and decode XviD video. When you install the XviD codec, it will work with your system so that when you try to play with a DirectShow-based player (Windows Media Player), it will be used to decode the video content, but not the audio. If you try to play your video after installing the XviD codec and you find you have no audio, then check the "What about AC3 Audio?" part of this guide.

* FFDShow: FFDShow is a set of DirectShow filters. We personally believe that installing FFDShow is a must for anybody who watches a lot of video on their computer in a variety of different formats. FFDShow has a wonderful advantage over just installing the XviD codec, it will give you much better odds at having your audio decoded. This is recommended regardless of what else you do. 

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