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Convert TiVo to MP4 for Android Tablet best viewing experience


Want to take total control of recorded TiVo shows? Feel like to have your Android slab/handset stay in touch with your TiVo DVR? Do not bother trying sorts of TiVo hacking methods, there is easier way to go! This article introduces you the fastest way transferring TiVo recordings to your Android device so that your favorite TV shows won’t be restricted in your house.



Part 1. Transfer recorded TiVo shows to your PC.


tivo to mp4

Required Application: TiVo Desktop (freeware)
TiVo Desktop is a free tool that lets you publish and share digital music, photos and TiVo recordings between your networked TiVo Series DVR/HD-DVR and your computer. Get TiVo Desktop and to transfer shows from your TiVo to PC.


Part 2. Convert TiVo shows to Android Tablets optimized MP4 files


convert tivo to mp4
Required Application: TiVo Video Converter (shareware)
TiVo Video Converter ($35) is an easy-to-use TiVo decoder, which does not hack TiVo box, but instead, convert .tivo files to desired format on computer. This TiVo Converter not only restore  protected TiVo shows to MPEG format for fair use, but also features preset MP4 formats for you to converts TiVo to versatile Android tablets optimized videos that plays best image.


Refer to the below guide for converting TiVo to an Android Tablet/Compressing TiVo to MP4:
Step 1. On your PC, launch Pavtube TiVo Video Converter, and press “Option” button. Switch to “TiVo” tab in Option window, and enter TiVo Media Access Key.

How to find your Media Access Key on TiVo: Go to “TiVo Central" menu >> "Messages and Set Up" "Account and System Information”, and your Media Access Key would be there.


Step 2. Drag and drop TiVo shows to the main interface for converting TiVo to MP4.

Step 3. Click on the “Format” bar to select output format. In order to convert TiVo to play on Android tablet, find the preset for your target slab. There are templates for Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Xoom, Iconia Tab, Eee PadTransformer/TF Prime, Archos tablets, Toshiba Thrive tablets, Nook tablets, etc for your choice.


Step 4. Press “Convert” to convert and compress TiVo shows to MP4 videos for transferring to Android tablet. The preset will downsize a TiVo file to less than 4GB so as to meet the FAT32 file system that used on Android devices.


Step 5. After conversion completes you can click “Open” to find converted and copy TV shows to your Android tablet or smartphone for carrying along with.


Provided that you are a Mac guy rather than PC fan, Pavtube Mac TiVo video Converter is a better choice for you to convert TiVo recordings to MP4 for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc

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