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How to watch/play Blu-ray movies on Asus PadFone?

Asus Padfone is a smartphone manufactured by Asus, slated to release in April 2012. The phone is marketed with companion tablet dock and keyboard dock accessories intended to improve functionality and battery life.


The Asus Padfone smartphone/tablet/netbook hybrid really caused a stir back at the MWC, now it’s available to order on many websites and stores. I think you have got this striking tablet, do you feel excited with it?


It is easy to transfer videos to Asus Padfone for playback, as this asus smartphone/tablet supports universal popular video codecs and formats. however, there are many users want to rip blu-ray movies to Asus Padfone for playback. As we know, Asus Padfone doesn’t equip with a blu-ray driver, so if you want to watch blu-ray movies on Asus Padfone, you need a blu-ray ripper to convert blu-ray to Asus Padfone supported video format, like H.264 MP4. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is an excellent blu-ray converter which can convert latest blu-ray movies for your Asus Padfone, you may follow the steps below.


Guide to get your Blu-ray and DVD for watching on Asus PadFone.


Step 1: Free download Asus PadFone Blu-ray Ripper, install and run it. Load your blu-ray movies to this program. This Blu-ray to Asus Padfone converter loads movie from DVD, DVD ISO, folder, Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO, and BDMV folder.



Tip. To watch movies on Asus PadFone with subtitles: select the main movie, and set subtitles language from the drop down list of Subtitles.


Step 2: Select Asus PadFone supported file type as output format

Click on the drop down list of “Format” and choose Android > Asus PadFone Video (*.mp4), this format is best presetted for this tablet.




Step 3: Convert Blu-ray/DVD to Asus PadFone Android phone

Now just click “Convert” button to rip Blu-ray/DVD to Asus PadFone supported format.

You can use a more efficient computer or take advantage of GPU accelerating to shorten the processing time.


When the blu-ray to Asus PadFone conversion is finished, connect your Asus Padfone to your computer and put converted blu-ray movies on Asus PadFone, and then you can enjoy high-definition blu-ray movies on Asus PadFone anytime, anywhere.

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