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Solution to Enjoying Blu-ray movies on Asus Transformer Prime

Although Transformer Prime has not been released at the moment, it has still attracted many tablet fans to pay attention to it. Many of them focus on the video playing ability of Transformer Prime because tablet is the best choice to take with and play videos when you are on the train, the plane or just on the rail-way for work. Compared with notebook or the laptop, a tablet is more convenient to be taken with, besides, the battery in tablet can hold longer time than that in laptop. So, how to enjoy Blu-ray movie on Asus Transformer Prime has been the main problem to those tablet fans.


As is known to us we are not able to directly play Blu-ray movies on Asus Transformer 2. So even though we load Blu-ray movies to Transformer Prime, the movies can not be recognized by the program. And what’ more, the Blu-ray movie is usually in a large file size that the storage memory in Transformer Prime can not hold. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a great Blu-ray movie to Transformer Prime converter which enables you rip Blu-ray movie for Transformer Prime playing.


How to use Pavtube Blu-ray to Prime converter?

The steps are simple and time-saving. First thing you need do is to put Blu-ray disc in the BD ROM and launch the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper. Then click add from BD Rom button to import your Blu-ray movies to the program. During the whole conversion, you must ensure that the internet has been well connected, otherwise the conversion will fail.


Second step is to choose subtitle and output format for your ripping Blu-ray for Transformer Prime. The program allows you choose subtitle and language for your movies. And after then, you need to select the output format for your movies. According to the feedback from Transformer users, the most suitable format for playing on Transformer 2 is MP4. And you can choose Android >> Nook Color (*.mp4) with H.264 video codec.



Third, profile settings are provided for you to set the detail settings to get Transformer Prime compatible MP4 videos. Recommend settings:

Size: 854*480            Sample Rate: 44100

Bitrate: 1200             Bitrate: 128000

Frame Rate: 25           Channels: Stereo



After the settings have been adjusted to the best, the conversion can be started by clicking at the convert button. And then after a short time, you can get your MP4 videos and transfer them for Transformer Prime playing.

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