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Top 10 Adobe Flash Player for the new iPad 3

Many people would like to know when the iPad will finally get its most significant missing feature, Adobe Flash support. With the release of the new iPad/iPad 3, the Flash is still not supported. As Adobe has announced that they are stopping development on all mobile versions of it, it probably never will be. While people always have workarounds, and there are some apps and hacks available that provide some flash capability on your iPad. Here comes a collection of Top 10 Adobe Flash Player for the new iPad 3. Some of these Apps are free while others are either paid or premium ones.


NO. 1 Skyfire Web Browser - $2.99
Skyfire is one kind or web browser which supports various types of websites and flash videos from the internet. Skyfire can easily install on iPad device. Skyfire will be one kind of alternative flash support for iPod Touch and iPad 3. (NOTE: Skyfire Does NOT support Flash Websites, Apps or Games - Just tons of great Flash videos across the web!)
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Recent Press:
TIME - Skyfire named a Top 50 App of 2012


NO. 2 iSwifter Browser - Free ($4.99 after 7 days)
iSwifter Entertainment Browser enables premium web-based entertainment content on your iPad including popular mid-core Facebook Social Games from Kixeye, Kabam and Ubisoft. Now featuring War Commander, Edgeworld, Battle Pirates, Kingdoms of Camelot, Ghost Recon Commander and Dragons of Atlantis!
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Use iSwifter to watch Flash videos, play Flash MMOs or simply browse other Flash websites.

iSwifter Entertainment Browser is available free for the first 7 days for you to evaluate. If you like the experience, you can upgrade to the paid version of the app using an in-app purchase to get unlimited access and enhanced performance levels.

No. 3 Splashtop Remote Desktop - $6.99
It simply lets you play Flash content on the slate. Instead, Splashtop Remote Desktop connects to the user’s PC or Mac and permits them to interact with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari, World of Warcraft and other PC or Mac applications over Wi-Fi or 3G, OR 4G networks wherever applicable. On sale for $6.99 when we last hit up the iTunes link, the reel out Flash-based videos and games.
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NO. 4 Cloud Browse - $2.99
The Basic download gives you 10 minute browser sessions, which is perfect for catching up on news, watching short videos, looking at restaurant menus, and other light browsing activities. You can upgrade to Unlimited and Premium service levels for increased performance and unlimited browser sessions if you want to use Cloud Browse to play Flash games, view longer videos, or engage other higher bandwidth content on the web.
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NO. 5 Photon Flash Web Browser - $4.99
Yet another applicant to the Safar alternative is the Photon Flash Web Browser application. It should permit you to play Flash games, utilize Flash apps, watch Flash videos and even listen to music streamed via Flash Player. It blends in native browsing for normal websites and remote browsing for Flash sites, while enabling users to switch between both modes or peruse them simultaneously in multiple view modes. You can download the app from iTunes for $4.99.
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NO. 6 Puffin Web Browser -£1.99
Puffin Web browser is specially designed for iPhone and iPad 3 but you can install it on iPod Touch too for flash support. Puffin runs with the help of cloud servers. Puffin has two versions available. One is free but it doesn’t support flash video streaming.
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NO. 7 Peregrine Player – Free
Peregrine is downloader and player both which can download and play almost all video formats including FLV file. Peregrine is completely free and supports multiple video formats. Faster download with resume support. Main specialty is it can download video files which are in parts into one. Peregrine can be install on iPad and iPhone only.
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NO. 8 OPlayer HD - $4.99
OPlayer HD is called alternative for adobe flash player for iPad. You can search flash videos on the net or play flash videos from storage of iPad. It supports Flash objects with great quality.
adobe flash player ipad download


NO. 9 SocialGames - $3.99 (Play Free Flash Games)
Social Games app is for iPad to play flash games. This app could be a great for game lovers. Facebook has huge collection of flash games such as Zynga's Cityville, Farmville, Frontierville, Empires & Allies, Millionaire City, Pet Society, and Bubble Island and this app supports those flash games. Social games app is specially design for US based users and made some unique features especially for US users.
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NO. 10 Frash Player
Frash Player also provides flash support for iPad device but we do not recommend you to use Frash player for iPad 3 because to use it you need to jailbreak iPad device first so if you are not familiar with jailbreak then it will damage your iPad device software.
ipad adobe flash player 2012


Additional Information:
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