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Import Olympus E-M5 to FCE, iMovie by converting to Apple InterMediate Codec

With the launch of the E-M5, Olympus harks back to one of its most fondly-remembered camera systems - the Olympus OM range of 35mm SLRs. The E-M5 is the first camera in an OM-Digital lineup that will run alongside the PEN series and, according to the company, its Four Thirds models. For reasons of clarity, it should be stated that this isn't a continuation of the old OM line - the OM-D models won't be SLRs and are based around Micro Four Thirds, not OM lens mounts. However, they do embody the spirit of the much-loved camera line - a small, well-built camera designed for enthusiasts. And, particularly in silver and black form, the E-M5 is one of best looking cameras we've encountered in some time.



Most Olympus cameras support 1080/30p full HD video, may be you often use Olympus E-M5 to record video, E-M5 recorded video is MPEG-4/H.264 MOV or AVI format, this format is not well supported by iMovie and Final Cut Express and other software on Mac. If you want to edit Olympus E-M5 MOV in iMovie and FCE, you need to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV to iMovie and FCE best supported video format, iMovie&FCE best supported video format is Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) MOV format, you can follow the steps below and learn how to transcode Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI videos to AIC codec for FCE and iMovie for editing smoothly.


1. Download Pavtube HD Converter for Mac. This software can convert Olympus E-M5 MOV video to iMovie, FCE or other common formats.



2. Install and run this Olympus E-M5 MOV to AIC Converter.

3. Click format column to choose the output format for iMovie. Click and choose iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov), it’s the best format for editing Olympus E-M5 in FCE and iMovie.



4. You can click settings button to adjust output parameters, such as resolution and bitrate.



5. Click convert button to start.

The Olympus E-M5 Mac MOV Converter will convert Olympus MOV/AVI for iMovie and Final Cut Pro quickly. After conversion, you can edit Olympus E-M5 MOV video in iMovie as you want.

Now you have learn Olympus E-M5 to FCE and iMovie conversion, you can also follow the Olympus video to FCP guide to know the way to transcode E-M5 MOV to ProRes for Final Cut Pro, or you can follow the hot cameras like E-PL1 FCP, E-PM1 ProRes, E-PL3 Premiere guide to get more info.

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