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Canon MXF to Sony Vegas Converter-Let Sony Vegas Work with MXF Files

MXF, short for Material Exchange Format, is a new developed video container format for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. This video format is created specifically for HD digital camcorders. There are an increasing number of professional video editing tools that can work with MXF files natively including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro 3.1 or above, and Sony Vegas. But some people find it is not convenient for them to import MXF footages to Sony Vegas for editing.  


Many video editors are lacking of native support to MXF clips, or are only just starting to add support for this file type. Therefore, MXF camcorders like Canon XF100 users often meet problems one or another while editing .MXF files. To solve the problems, this article will give a solution for editing MXF file in Sony Vegas.


In fact, Sony Vegas announces that it can work with MXF on its official site, but some users still have troubles when putting MXF files to Sony Vegas. Ok, now let’s take Canon XF100 to have a test.

When connecting your Canon XF100 to your PC, you can directly operate the storage folder of your camcorder, and then you can copy it to the hard drive of your PC with ease. Also, Vegas can recognize the .MXF files and support to directly import them. Even so, the following problems may happen:


1. Choppy frames at the end of the MXF footage;

2. Sony Vegas is not able to import the .MXF video clip;

3. Sony Vegas crashes after the file is imported.

4. It takes much time to render the MXF videos for Sony Vegas editing.


What should we do to successfully load Canon XF100 recordings to Sony Vegas? It's quite easy, the best way to let Sony Vegas work with MXF files is convert these files to Vegas compatible formats like WMV and MOV previously. Actually, you just need a MXF to Sony Vegas converter which makes it possible to smoothly import MXF recordings to Sony Vegas for editing. I recommend Pavtube MXF Converter, which offers various output formats, including optimized presets for Sony Vegas.


Pavtube MXF Converter is more than a Canon XF100 video converter(Lear more about Canon camera file transcode), you can also run it as a Panasonic P2 MXF Converter and Sony XDCAM MXF Converter.

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