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Download digital copy movies to Kindle Fire HD on a Windows PC

Amazon touts the Kindle Fire HD as a “media player”. But it’s a big pity that you cannot play any digital copies included with some DVDs and Blu-ray movies with this device. Amazon has not joined the business agreement necessary to allow them to play the "Digital Copy" files on their devices. This shouldn’t be surprising, because Amazon intended Kindle Fire to be an “Amazon purchased media” player. Amazon does not have any incentive to support Digital Copies - they don't get any income from that.


Video on any Kindle Fire HD needs to be in MP4 format. If you try to make Blu-ray or DVD digital copy movies work with your device, you will have to rip the digital copies into MP4 format for Kindle Fire HD. You can use Pavtube to do this. The following guide introduces the basic steps.

Required program
Pavtube ChewTube - this program aims to help you make movies and music purchased through online stores free for different uses. It is good at handling iTunes movies, Amazon videos as well as Digital Copy movies included with Blu-ray and DVD movies.


Step-by-step instruction: how to download digital copy movies to Kindle Fire HD on a Windows PC? 

1. Run Pavtube ChewTune as a Digital Copy to Kindle Fire HD Converter. Click “Add video” or “Add from folder” button to import digital copy files.


2. Click format menu to choose “Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4)” as output format for Kindle Fire HD slate from “Android” pull down list. If the current version you are using does not have Kindle Fire HD profile, you can go to profile patches page to download a patch.


3. Click “Settings” button and enter “Profile Settings” panel to customize file quality by adjusting video and audio settings.
Optimal settings for converting digital copy movies to MP4 video for Kindle Fire HD



Codec: h264
Size (pix): 1280*800
Bitrate (kbps): 1500
Frame Rate (fps): original   

Codec: aac
Sample Rate (hz): 44100
Channels: Stereo

Tips: If you wanna get much better image quality, you can set the video bite rate higher than 1500. But notice that the output file size will vary based on video bit rate. In general, the higher video bit rate, the larger output file size, and vice versa.


4. Click “Convert” button to start Digital Copy to Kindle Fire HD MP4 video conversion.
1. This program cannot convert unplayable files(damaged, unauthorized, etc.).
2. The DRM removing process may mislead your anti-virus software to falsely report virus/worm. Please ignore the report to keep on ripping.  

After the Digital Copy to Kindle Fire HD conversion is done, you can click “Open” button to get the generated MP4 files for viewing on Kindle Fire HD tablet.


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