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DoubleTwist: How to Sync Protected iTunes videos with Android

Despite lack of official support, you can use doubleTwist to sync and play DRM-protected iTunes movies/TV shows on your Android device. It just takes a few steps, and only needs some help from third-party software entitled ChewTune. But it can be done. Here's how.

The doubleTwist application makes it possible for us to have syncing facility with a desktop app without the need for any wires. The app lets us sync music, videos, images, and podcasts, among other wonderful things. The best features are the ability to browse the Android Market and sync iTunes playlists to your Android mobile phone. How cool is that? Well... no.

It's easy to find the file transfer limitation - doubleTwist works for non-DRM(Digital Rights Management) protected content only and it cannot sync and play protected iTunes videos. It's all about the copyright of purchased iTunes M4V files are protected by using Apple's FairPlay DRM. Unfortunately, the Android devices have not got a license to play DRM contents. Thus, you may have a hard time syncing iTunes movies/TV shows with your Android based tablet or smartphone. Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to nicely sync and play protected iTunes video with your Android device using doubleTwist.

Software Availabilities:

ChewTune (available for Windows or for Mac users). Get the Windows version here, and the Mac version here.
doubleTwist (runs on your computer and automatically locates your iTunes library and populates its own list for syncing.) | doubleTwist For Android (including a media player for your convenience, runs on your Android device)


ChewTune is a great DRM removal software which can help you hack DRM protection from iTunes movies, Digital Copies, Amazon WMV videos, BBC iPlayer WMV files and more, and it has plenty of specific profiles for different Android devices like Nook HD Tablet, Kindle Fire (HD), Asus Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Google Nexus 7 etc. Using ChewTune, you can sync and play iTunes playlists with Android using doubleTwist without limitations.

DRM removal process (Mac Process)

1. Launch ChewTune, drag and drop iTunes videos to the software.
2. Select an Android friendly format, e.g. H.264 .mp4 for conversion. There are optimized format for almost all popular Android devices. Basically the "Common Video >> H.264 Video (*.mp4)" is a universal format for Samsung Android tablets and smartphones.
3. Start to remove DRM protection.

Sync DRM-free iTunes movies to Android with doubleTwist

1. Download DoubleTwist from Google Play on your Android Device, install and run it.
2. On your computer (PC or Mac), use your browser to go to doubletwist.com, and use the link to download DoubleTwist. Follow the installation instructions.
3. Follow the instructions on the app on your device and the computer to set up synchronization between DoubleTwist on your computer and Android device.

With doubleTwist, now you can easily sync your iTunes music with your Android tablet and phone without having to copy music from your computer to your Android device storage all the time. Not only that, you can also sync and play DRM-protected iTunes movies/TV shows along with some help from the DRM removal software entitled ChewTune.

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