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Transfer HD Videos, DVD and Blu-ray movies to Fuhu DreamTab

Recently, the famous Hollywood studio DreamWorks announced that it would launch an 8 inch children’s tablet Dream Tab, cooperated with Android tablet maker Fuhu. Dream Tab tablet would be equipped with lots of children's application as well as its trump card "shrek" acted as the role of interactive teaching to draw children’s attention. Once it is available, many parents would order it for their kids as birthday gift, Christmas present, or reward for great behaviors. With this children’s tab, kids can learn many useful things while playing games, watch videos and movies for entertainment.watch bd dvd videos on dreamtab

In order to play HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movies on Fuhu DreamTab, you need a professional yet easy tool to convert 1080p Blu-ray and DVD movies as well as HD videos to DreamTab acceptable video format. Here is a tutorial of detailed steps about how to transfer HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movies to Fuhu DreamTab.

Step 1: Install DreamTab Video Converter Ultimate
Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate aims to transcode children’s favorite HD videos such as TiVo cartoon programs, and Disney Blu-ray and DVD movies so that kids can enjoy cartoons and Disney movies on DreamTab.
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Step 2: Import HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movie
Click the “Add video” button to import HD videos, or hit on the “Load Disc” icon load Blu-ray/DVD movie from disc driver.
dreamtab movie converter

Step 3: Choose optimized output format
From the drop-down list of Format, and find the suitable output format for Fuhu DreamTab. Even though there is no specific profile for DreamTab, you could choose "H.264 Video (*.mp4)" format under "Common Video", and then set profile presets with best settings for movie display on DreamTab.
fuhu dreamtab profile

Step 4: Convert HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movie to DreamTab MP4
Click the “Convert” button on product main UI, and start converting HD videos, DVD and Blu-ray movie to DreamTab H.264 MP4. When the conversion completes, find the converted MP4 video and transfer it to Fuhu DreamTab. Later kids could watch their favorite cartoon programs and Disney movies on DreamTab without limitation.

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