How to > Splashtop Remote Desktop Allows you to access your PC or Mac on iPad

Splashtop Remote Desktop Allows you to access your PC or Mac on iPad

Steve Jobs claimed that it was already a post-PC era as tablets and smartphones are taking place of traditional desktop computers or laptops. However, there are still so many tasks on PC that beyond the ability to run on tablets. Splashtop Remote provides a solution for the limitation, via a high-speed wireless network and a streamer cloud server.

The essential of Splashtop Remote is to stream all display of the moniter to iPad or iPhone wirelessly and map all mouse/keyboard event to the touch screen. Thus, you need to install a streamer software on your PC/Mac before control it on the tablet. It’s a free download on Splashtop website. Also, you have to purchase and install Splashtop Remote Desktop app in App Store (There is a free version for trial).
Splashtop Remote Desktop
The Splashtop Remote Desktop app automatically discovers available stream server that was previously set up in local Wifi network or signed in with your Google account. Tap the machine and input password you set for accessing, then your iPad has turned to an amazing touch-screen computer.
control your computer on iPad

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Splashtop Remote Desktop allows you to access your PC or Mac on iPad
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