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Perfect Home Theater Based On Time Capsule

Time Capsule
Time Capsule is storage router officially described by Apple as a wireless Hard disk for Time Machine backup. Actually, with its freshly updated 3TB storage and 802.11n Wi-Fi base station, Time Machine can be far more useful than just a wireless mass storage. For example, it can be turned into a Home Theater server with the help of an Apple TV and a PC/Mac.

As for preparation, I strongly recommend to jailbreak your Apple TV first and install XBMC -- a popular multi-media platform that is widely used on all sort of operating systems or devices. The XBMC wiki site lists one-by-one steps for jailbreaking and installing.

XBMC is a powerful software which can open and playback nearly all popular formats and codecs of video and audio. Additionally, it adds the ability of playing media files on Windows samba server to Apple TV. Based on the connection availability, movies, music and photos that stored on Time Capsule can be easily streamed to Apple TV. The 802.11n wifi model of Time Capsule has a maximum of 300M tranferring rate for local WLAN connection so that a lossless Blu-Ray ripped movie (usually with a total bitrate of 10M) that stored on Time Capsule could be streamed and played without buffering.

Besides, Apple TV’s original itunes homesharing playback and airplay make it easy to play iTunes library media located on PC/Mac or iOS devices – iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – on Apple TV. Also, the Remote app provided by Apple would allow you to remotely control your desktop computer or Apple TV via mobile devices. You may download the app for free in App Store.

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Perfect Home Theater Based On Time Capsule
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