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Rip DVD collection to MP4 format for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0

If you own a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 or Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, you might be in the same situation as below:
"I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, and my daughter recently purchased a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. We want to get our DVD library onto an external hard drive (Backing up for our own use, not for Piracy.) so we don't have all that space taken up in our house and we can move them to Samsung tablets for leisure use. Unfortunately, the DVD Ripper I tried could not get the sound and video to sync on my DVDs, so I am wondering if there's any solution to let me rip my DVD collection with no problem with the audio and video in sync?"
rip dvd to galaxy tab 3

To answer the question in brief, Pavtube DVD Ripper would be the proper choice for you. It not only ensures audio and video in sync, but also has all that you wanted: user-friendly, quality rip, small-size (and conversion ability), and it sorts out which of the files is most likely the actual video. Try Pavtube DVD Ripper
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1. The free trial version is provided for you to see if it would be able to rip DVD to Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0 playable video in your wanted quality.
2. The trial version will create videos with PAVTUBE logo standing in the center of the output image. To bypass the watermark, you need to purchase its full version.

As for as we know, the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet supports a relatively wide range of video codecs, including MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV, and DivX. To make DVDs playable on the device, you need to transcode DVD movies to a format that is compatible with Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0, such as the well supported MP4 format. Here is how.

How to rip DVD collection to MP4 for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0 using Pavtube DVD Ripper?

1. Start up Pavtube DVD Ripper as the best DVD to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter. Click “Load file(s)” button to import DVD video from a DVD disc, DVD folder, or DVD ISO/IFO file.

The main title in a DVD is checked by default once loaded, you can double click on it to have a preview in the window right side.
dvd to galaxy tab 3

2. (Optional) If there are multiple subtitles and audio tracks in your DVD, you can press the pull down menu after "Subtitles" and "Audio" to select one of your wanted tracks to be burnt into the output file. This function is also available in Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Ripper.

3. Pavtube DVD Ripper for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1/8.0 features optimal format profile for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. From the Format bar, navigate to "Samsung" catalogue, and choose "Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Video (*.mp4)" as target format.

4. (Optional) The default settings produce files for Galaxy Tab 3 with acceptable quality. But you are also allowed to click “Settings” button to adjust video and audio settings like codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel on “Profile Settings” window. Basically, the output file size and image quality are closely related to video bit rate. That is to say, the higher video bit rate, the higher image quality accompanying with larger file size.
galaxy tab 3 settings

5. When ready, click "Convert" to start ripping DVD movies to MP4 for playing either on Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 or Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. Once the conversion finished, you are able to get the MP4 DVD rips for transferring to your Galaxy Tab 3 for viewing.

How to transfer files to the Samsung Galaxy Tab from your PC?

1. Connect the Galaxy Tab to the computer, using the USB cable.
2. From the AutoPlay dialog box, choose the option Open Folder/Device to Vide Files.
3. Locate the files you want to copy to your device.
4. Drag the File icon from its folder on your computer to the Galaxy Tab window.
5. Close the folder windows and disconnect the USB cable when you're done.

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