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Add DVD to PowerPoint for presentation

Want to show part of the DVD video on PowerPoint for your presentation? Want to show part of the DVD video, but there is no DVD hardware player in the meeting place?

If you want to add specific segments of DVD video to PowerPoint or present a chapter on your PowerPoint to show as an example, a DVD ripper will work to meet your needs. Pavtube DVD Ripper certainly helps you add DVD to PowerPoint with the chapters and segments you want for your presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint supports many kinds of video file formats, such as AVI, WMV, and MPG. However, it does not support DVD VOB file. This guide shows you the way to rip DVD to AVI, WMV with trimming the video to the length you want to present on your PowerPoint. The steps can be separated into two sections to rip DVD video to PowerPoint:
Part1. Convert DVD to WMV, MPG or AVI with Pavtube DVD Ripper.
Part2. Add video to your PowerPoint.

Part1. Convert DVD to AVI, WMV, or MPG with Pavtube DVD Ripper.
You shall download and install Pavtube DVD Ripper, if you want to follow the steps below.
1. Launch Pavtube DVD Ripper.

2. Load the entire DVD or certain title you want.

To load the entire DVD, you just need to click on the "DVD Rom " or DVD Folderbutton. If you know certain title with the IFO file, you may click the "IFO File " button to browse the right one for you.

3. Choose MPG, AVI, or WMV as output format.

Microsoft PowerPoint supports the following video formats:
With Pavtube DVD Ripper, you can choose the output formats: AVI, MPG, and WMV as the source for PowerPoint.

4. Trim the video length under the "Trim" tab.
Select the chapter or title which contains the segment you want, and click the "Customize" button to trim the video with the exact duration under the "Trim" tab.

Drag the slide bar or enter the exact time to set the duration you want to display on your PowerPoint.

5. Start conversion.
Check the box of the title or chapter before clicking to start conversion. The files with name on Destination File column will be converted.

Check the box for opening output folder after conversion. After a while, you can find the output file. Then you can add the video(s) to your PowerPoint.

Part2. Add video to your PowerPoint.

1. Open the PowerPoint file, within which you want to add the video.
2. Click on a slide, which you want to display the video, and then choose Insert > Object.
3. Choose "Windows Media Player" as the object type in the pop-up "Insert Object" window.

4. Right-click on the player widget, and choose "Properties".
5. Enter the right path of the output video for the "URL" option.

Then you can show the DVD video on PowerPoint with small file size.


You may also use either Blu-Ray Ripper or Blu-Ray Video Converter Ultimate to rip DVD for slideshow presentation.