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How to change DivX to VOB?
One of the frequent questions many computer users ask is how to do I change DivX to VOB? For the most part, the answer is quite simple and there is software to use that can help you easily change these files in a relatively short period of time. However, it is important to understand the basics before changing, here are some tips.

What is a DivX File?

DivX is created by DivX, Inc. This type of file is a codec that compresses large, bulky video files into smaller sizes while maintaining high visual quality. The codec comes with a DivX media player that is available for download- which is free, however there is also a premium version of the DivX software that does cost money and gives you a few extra professional tools. It should be noted that DivX is one of the most popular and powerful codecs to "rip" DVD's and other larger video files. In fact, many people take an ordinary DVD file and convert it to DivX to upload, making it a much smaller file- up to 90% less. Most full length feature movies can be transferred from an 8 GB DVD to about 800MB files. DivX not only includes the video portion of the file, but can also include Dolby soundtracks and subtitles. It should be noted that many new DVD players also include the ability to play DivX files making it easy to download movies off the Internet, burning them to a DVD recordable disc that will be played in a DivX capable DVD player and watching the movie on your high quality TV set.

What is a VOB File?

VOB stands for DVD- Video Object. VOB files are the format of files that are in DVD media. VOB files contain the video, audio menus and even subtitles. VOB files are encoded files and are extremely similar to MPEG-2 files. In fact, you can sometimes switch the file extension from .vob to .mpg or .mpeg and the files will usually continue to be readable.

It should be noted that many people like to burn VOB files directly onto their DVD recordable media (DVD+, DVD-, DVD?), however, in order to do so other files must be present. These files include IFO and BUP files. The good news is that there are plenty of software choices that can take VOB files and create these IFO BUP files for you. It should be noted that VOB files on their own (without IFO and BUP) can play in a variety of media players such as MPlayer, VLC media player, Nero Showtime and Windows Classic Player.

Why Change DivX to VOB?

The main reason most people change DivX to VOB files is so they can watch a movie originally downloaded on to their computer in DivX form and watch it on their TV set using their standard DVD player.

How to Change DivX to VOB

The process of changing DivX files to VOB is quite easy. There are several ways to complete the process and they all require:
* A computer
* DVD recordable drive
* DVD recordable media
* Software

Step 1
First off, if you would ultimately like to play your VOB files on a DVD player, make sure you create the IFO and BUP files. You can do so easily by burning the files using software like K3b, Nero, Roxio Toast or VSO. Find your files in DivX format and select them as the target files.

While each software program is different, you will usually select the DivX files as the target and choose the type of files that you would like to create - in this case VOB.

Step 3
Start the transformation process. Depending on the type of software used and the size of the file you are changing, will ultimately determine the time it takes. For some files it can take less than one minute, for others, it can take over an hour.

Step 4
For those that do not want to play your VOB files on a DVD player, the process is complete. You can now play your VOB files on VLC Player or any other player with the capability to play VOB files.

Step 5
For those that would like to burn a DVD using the VOB files in order to watch the file on your TV set, you will need to create a DVD. As stated above, you will need to create IFO and BUF files. If your software program created these files, you will just need to burn them onto DVD recordable media and then slip your newly burned DVD into your DVD player so that you can now watch the file on your TV set. There are many applications that can burn VOB files to a DVD, such as K3b and Nero.

It should be noted that the software to both change the files from DivX to VOB and to burn the newly formed VOB files to a DVD media are usually not free, however some free software does exists.